On our annual beach trip to the Florida panhandle, I found a beautiful treasure on the beach. Well....I didn't find it really. So much as, my wife told me exactly where it was. As soon as she told me I was obsessed. I tracked it down on my GPS and I was off and running. Apparently the Donna Kay, a shrimp boat anchored off the coast, broke loose from its anchor and ran a ground. Due to a damaged hull, she had been there for months. 

I made the hike that day. Not too far on foot, but the beach is desolate. No homes. No other people. Trees downed on the beach and growing out of the sea! It was incredible. Then, before I knew it, there she was. I snapped some pictures under the sun, but I knew immediately that I would need to come back at night. As luck would have it, that night was moonless and cloudless!! The photography gods smiling down one me. 

The walk was a little more intimidating at night. Took a different route to get in due to all the downed trees. Pitch black. Eerily quiet with the exception of the waves rolling in. But after a long walk, there she was again, peering out of the black. I stayed for an hour and shot several different looks of the vessel. Then I just sat on the beach, taking in the splendor of the scene. More stars than you can ever see here in Atlanta. Sometimes you forget to look up due to all the light pollution here. That is not the case at beach. When I am at the beach.....I am right where I want to be. I am counting the days until I get back to The Ghost Ship.

The Last Resting Place of the Donna Kay

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