The Super Wolf Blood Moon - casatelliphotography

Was not prepared at all for this shoot. Did not have my camera ready. Did no research on the blood moon. Did not travel to a cool location. Did not have a lens long enough to really get great details. So.....improvise. I shot the moon during all of its phases of eclipse. Honestly, my technique got a little sloppy as the moon got darker and darker. The camera had a hard time grabbing focus, so I really had to rely on my focus peaking. Definitely missed a few shots due to that issue. But again.....improvise. So I brought them into photoshop and stacked them side by side to see the entire process in one image. It's not ground breaking, but I am happy with the outcome. Poorly prepared photographer comes away with something instead of nothing! Score!!! Never accept defeat. Get out there and create something!

Totally worth freezing my keister off.

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